Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Fun race this weekend at DCCX. Got to sleep in, rolled 10 blocks over to the race. I started the C race and was doing pretty well for a minute or so. But then I went down a bumpy hill and shifted at the bottom. All of the sudden I couldn't pedal so I figured I threw my chain (a common occurrence in my cyclocross life). When I looked down I didn't have a chain and my derailleur was hanging by the cable. So I took DNF but was able to get a bike (thanks Larry) and race the B race. The B was a bit more competitive then usual so I had to push myself harder. Rode harder then I have all season and finished 59th out of around 90 riders. After the race I cashed in my beer ticket and my french fry ticket and proceeded to hang hard. Overall great course, great race, great company, great pictures (thanks Erika), great weather...can't wait til next year!

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