Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tandem track? No thanks.

This is what you call ridin the front wheel off...

- ec

Saturday, May 30, 2009

thanks for the input + more on short people

Pretty sure I am going with the Con Crosso. Just need to figure out if I am going with the complete or just frame/fork and building it up.

Anywho - musical interlude -

Went for a short road ride in the park till about 8:30. Only got about 2 hours in but it was fast and I got to ride all the hills I want to get.

How did our 1213 comrades do today in PA and VA or wherever folks were racing? Updated needed.

Looks like Menchov in pink in Rome tomorrow.

- ec

Friday, May 29, 2009

short people race cross too

When I bought my first 'real' bike, I went to this tiny little shop that was a little lost compared to the other, more well known Portland shops. I went on the recommendation of an aquaintance. They did my first tune up, put SPD's on when I get a little more serious about my riding and answered innumerable newbie questions. It was also through them that I got my first taste of cyclocross. Their business was built upon a Portland passion, racing through the dirt. As a total newbie, the idea of racing my ass off for 45 minutes in muck sounded pretty intimidating. It was, therefore, very exciting to return to Portland five years later, with alot more experience under my belt, and see that the shop had moved to a new, better location. Its one of the best spaces that I've ever seen a bike shop in actually. We're talking skylights. I also had the chance to ask them their opinion of the lines that offer small cross frames (and knew that I could count on a candid answer). Cyclepath, Portland's premier cross shop:






Okay, lots of pictures but the unanimous decision amongst the staff was that the Salsa Chile Con Crosso is the bike to get for the 5'5" and under (waaaay under) crowd. The bike comes in a large range of frame sizes. The 44 apparently fits more more like a 47 and the 47 fits more like a 50. Its only available in red (although older models come in a really gorgeous green and a green/teal) but I think it would look really hot built up with Chris King mango components. Quite frankly, it seems like they couldn't recommend it more highly. I'm sold.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help Needed

So, as its not obvious from the photos below, I a am short. 5'4 or so to be exact.(this lolcat to the left is not me, just so its clear, thought i echo its sentiment)

Finding a cross bike that fits me is not so easy. But I've saved some $ and really want to buy a new complete cross bike for the fall.

Salsa and Redline both make small cross bikes. I can get a Salsa with Rival, Askiums and some nice parts for more than the Redline Conquest Pro (Rival, less nice parts) but less than the Team (Ultegra, perhaps equivalent parts).

What to do? Any advice?


- ec

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another great thing about cross...

The sweet, sweet sound of a cowbell...

- ec

costume change

CC is clearly repping the wrong team at the crit. 1213 jerseys coming soon.....?



Monday, May 25, 2009

1223 racing meets 1213 racing, plus my first blog post ever (on any blog)

the great thing about cross racing is that it requires very little patience. you warm up for a few minutes, go to the line and take off. not a lot of bs or posturing. just ride. have fun. probably crash or get really dirty or both.

i thought about this as i watched cc race at the rfk crit. i dont think i have the patience (or legs at this point) to race road. we'll see. maybe next season. cross season comes first.

btw, speaking of road racing, if you didnt see sastre's power move in the Giro this morning, roll on over to universal sports and watch. its great cause he's older than me and is about my size (5'4).

oh, and that's me on the right. cross my heart race in cp,md. feb 09. I didnt need the full tights. flatted last lap and pretty much shouldered the heavy Soma the rest of the way.

too many veg dogs and veg burgers at the cookout,
- ec aka the cheat

cash rules everything around me

today is memorial day which means almost everyone is off from work, except me. this also means the bike shop is super busy and i've been answering the most mundane questions.

dash bn did not come in so i could install his cassette on his campy wheel though. it was sad.

and it started raining and i'm totally bored at the bike shop. $$$$.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Going Overseas

JUST ANNOUNCED: 1213 racer DASH BN will be spending the upcoming 2010 cyclocross season back once again in Germany and is proud to represent our squad overseas. Pics from Dash's season last year.



Who still needs a bike for upcoming CX season?
Ksyriums yo...


(EDIT: This CL post was taken down hence making this 1213 post no longer funny. But basically it was a red trek 720 multitrack hybrid frame with centerpull brakes through the fork and bridge fender mounts leaving bare v-brake studs, that hardly reached the mavic ksyriums (which ones i do not know as picture quality was quite poor). if i remember, there was a dirt drop stem and drops... and no chain, aaand listed as "road bike"... i wish you'd seen it. no justice is given here... just an explanation as i probobly wouldnt seriously post a "who still needs... " and for whatever reason all our blog posts recently dissapeared and if i removed this entire posting we would be lookin almost as naked as chris.-DK)

its a good day to ride...