Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know it is really really silly, but for some reason it makes me feel really good to see me and mouse's names here, despite them being for 20th place in the 3/4 and 4 fields respectively.

1213 was out in actual full force at Tacchino. ES/EF had his best race ever and was totally killing it, staying upright, and looking good. Despite mechanicals for both EC and DK they were always moving forwards (when their bikes were working that is). I felt really great and with the exception of some not so stellar barrier work and following a teammate's wheel into the tape, I thought I rode a pretty flawless race.

By the end of the regular season, I will have ended up doing twice as many races as I did last year, which is kind of crazy. Urban CX, HoCo Double CX, Superior CX, Taneytown, and Reston are all that's left with a possible VA Beach CX race or maybe even Nationals. Six or seven races left, not bad. Oh yeah, there is also that whole winter series too...and of course, the Superbowl of Singlespeed.

I love cross, I love rolling up to a race with a full car, full trunk and roof rack, and cheering on my friends. A tiny bit of me is looking ahead to the cold winter months of long, slow riding, but even that serves as a precursor to the next fall (the season and the act)

Gotta love the new digi-camo C3 skinsuits, but it wouldn't touch mossy oak break up. Although I think my team next year may go for a Flex Your Head themed skinsuit.

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