Wednesday, October 7, 2009

EC Kelly Acres update

So, EC and SS went up early for the C race. CC and DK came out and CC raced the B race.

I had a rough race - dropped a chain at the start and crashed out twice on the first 1/2 lap, but fought my way through the field and ended up 14th (I think) out of 80/90 or so. Not sure where SS ended up - top 25 maybe?

CC's rear gorilla got caught up in his wheel sticks and he had to borrow a bike in the B race. Fought hard and finished, but I had to leave early to get to a wedding in Germanntown so I didnt find out where he placed.

The course was sick and the flyover was amazing. Definitely coming back next year and hopefully crashing less.

- ec


  1. I got 29th of 50%, thats all I care about at this point. I rode my hardest and am happy with where I ended up. The course was decently technical and I struggled to get any real speed. All in all I had a great time, no one ever said cross would be easy.

    -Evil Fred

  2. Oh, and congrats Mouse on your finish. I thought that maybe with three crashes in the first lap I would have beaten you, but you passed me on the first fricken lap. Great job.