Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Fun race this weekend at DCCX. Got to sleep in, rolled 10 blocks over to the race. I started the C race and was doing pretty well for a minute or so. But then I went down a bumpy hill and shifted at the bottom. All of the sudden I couldn't pedal so I figured I threw my chain (a common occurrence in my cyclocross life). When I looked down I didn't have a chain and my derailleur was hanging by the cable. So I took DNF but was able to get a bike (thanks Larry) and race the B race. The B was a bit more competitive then usual so I had to push myself harder. Rode harder then I have all season and finished 59th out of around 90 riders. After the race I cashed in my beer ticket and my french fry ticket and proceeded to hang hard. Overall great course, great race, great company, great pictures (thanks Erika), great weather...can't wait til next year!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

EC and CC at Winchester

We went up to the Winchester Apple Cross race this past Sunday. It was windy, cold and muddy. Great course. We both raced the B race. CC finished 7th, EC finished 12th.

Thats all I got today. DCCX this weekend.

- ec

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'cause I'm sick of watching from the sidelines...

Any thoughts before I put money down on this little lady?

Specs are here.

Monday, October 12, 2009

when your shop has no business, you blog

The Hyattesville race was one of the best courses I've raced this year, especially given the lack of terrain changes they had to deal with. Super fast big ring course, technical sections you just barely had to tap a break to get through, somewhat rideable sand (not for me on a lap...thanks Evil Steve), and some nice off camber stuff. The only thing lacking was a brutal uphill which surely would have split things up, but groups stayed together pretty well.

First weekend of good racing, not feeling like total shit during the race. 9th in Richmond, "Dont want to talk about it" placing at Hyattesville although I felt great and thought I rode pretty flawlessly and strong aside from crashing in the sand, although getting crashed out ended that streak.

One of the best things about this cross season is seeing Evil Fred tear it up, Mouse take two steps for every one the other guys do, and knowing Danny will be racing at DCCX (it's on a blog, it's happening). MZ needs to get a bike or just do it up on a road bike with big tires and no clearance (we won't have any mud anytime soon!).

Racing in Winchester this week, no one is signed up for the 1/2/3 race. Does this mean I am guaranteed to make money?

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Fun race this weekend. Loved the course, super fast. Got off to my best start of the season, was in the top 15 or 20 at the beginning of the race. Then I squandered that great start when I threw my chain in the first third of the first lap. Watching half the field pass me from the sidelines was pretty demoralizing. I made up some spots and rode the last lap pretty hard. Got close to catching a pretty big group but just couldn't do it before the finish line...should have gone harder earlier. Finished 25 of 66(6) in the end. Another satisfying week. Other highlights: beer garden, heckling Chris by the sand pit and making him crash, hanging with my mom. Great way to spend a Sunday. Big ups to Scratch and Mouse and the rest of Route 1/Arrow for putting on a great race. Already looking forward to next year.

-Evil Fred

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New cycling radio show on Radio CPR 97.5 fm

This Wheel's on Fire
Radio CPR - 97.5 FM, Washington DC
7-9 PM, 2nd and 4th Sundays
Hosted by Dj Bottom Bracket

Bicycle news and views with a classic country/bluegrass/no depression

Special guest 10/11 - Ben West, WABA Bike Ambassador.
Music this week will be classic country of the 60s and 70s.

- ec

EC Kelly Acres update

So, EC and SS went up early for the C race. CC and DK came out and CC raced the B race.

I had a rough race - dropped a chain at the start and crashed out twice on the first 1/2 lap, but fought my way through the field and ended up 14th (I think) out of 80/90 or so. Not sure where SS ended up - top 25 maybe?

CC's rear gorilla got caught up in his wheel sticks and he had to borrow a bike in the B race. Fought hard and finished, but I had to leave early to get to a wedding in Germanntown so I didnt find out where he placed.

The course was sick and the flyover was amazing. Definitely coming back next year and hopefully crashing less.

- ec


No updates from this weekends races? Surely somebody raced at least 1 of the 2? Also, why am I not listed on the sidebar?