Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bring It!

I'm ready for the season. I've been on the road bike every weekend for the past few weeks building up a little strength. In less then a month I'll be going on a small tour putting on some good base miles. Mix in a little technique training and I'll be good to go.

Word on the street is that City Bikes is starting their own cyclocross team. If all 1213 Racing does this season is humiliate City Bikes at every race then I will be very happy. Pwnage?

-E Fred

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Almost time for Mud and Moustaches


thanks to EC for posting... Looks like everyones getting their shit together, Evil Fred seems stoked for racing, and MZ might just end up racing her track bike...

BUT For those of us, and ALL out there who havent raced any cross before here is what you need to do.

First you should buy a USA cycling license HERE. Register for an account online and apply for a license, its a bit pricy but worthwhile.

THEN! get an account with BIKE REG (and a PAYPAL account will help too) bike reg is where the majority of races you will do get posted for registration. pretty sure bike reg is free to register, but this is where you pay for races and t shirts blah blah and using paypal makes it faster and easier....

Keep up on bike reg as races with category caps WILL fill up, sign up asap... and waitlisting if possible is a good alternative and most of the time you end up getting to race if you show up.


-Urban Cross in Charlottesville VA... by far my favorite course, utilizing very little space incredibly well around a bombed out factory in a industrial/commercial complex, lots of tight turns, short fast climbs and descents and close quarters elbow rubbing racing.

-Richmond festival of cross... Richmond rules almost as much as charlottesville. Chimbarozoo park is defined by a long cobblestone descent into an off camber, then a grueling back section back to climb the cobblestones, turn left (hop the curb if you can) and climb up the grass bank of the hill, into a stair climb spitting you out onto a flat road sprint finish... bryan park (like the crit race) is a big ring race, really fast.

-Dardentowne Park Charlottesville... this race feels like a mountain bike race at times, after barriers right at the start, the course climbs then drops into singletrack then into the woods along a river, then a crucial off camber turn, eventually a big downhill into another woods section with a sketchy bridgecrossing... until you find yourself in a paceline out of the backsection like a road race with a monster hill infront of you and if for whatever reason you find yourself able to ride not run it... chalk it up as an attack cause youll be passing people..

TODAY! i leave for nova scotia for some bike touring... will return with no money and itching to shave my legs (havent raced road in 2 weeks) and start training for cross.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Cross Schedules

DK or I will post a fuller schedule, but here are the links to the basic schedules. We race in three separate series': MAC, MABRA, and VA CX.

There are two races to highlight on the calendar: DC CX and R1V Cross. We can ride to both of these races and they are very much on our home turf. DC CX is 10/25 at the Soldiers Home and R1V Cross is 10/11 out in Hyattsville/Bladensburg area.

MAC - Mid-Atlatic Cross:

10 race series spread out from NY to VA. The closest races for us in DC are Charm City Cross in Bmore on 9/20 and the Cross Classic in Reston, VA on 12/6. The Fair Hill and Delaware weekend will be great, but may clash with MABRA or VA Cx races.

MABRA - Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association:

This series is a bit more focused around MD and DC, with two races in VA. They have a basic race sched up, with 9 races including the championships in December. Urban Cross, DK's favorite, is race #6 and on 11/15.

VA CX - Virginia Cycling Association:

Nothing posted yet, but they tend to announce later in the year anyway. Usually a 7 or 8 race series. There is a race out in Winchester during the Apple Festival on 10/18, but unclear if it is a VA Cx race or not.

There are other series that are worth considering. The USGP of cyclocross is a 4 weekend event in 4 different locations, coming as close to DC as Mercer, NJ (central near Trenton) and Louisville, KY. But they conflict with local races and are a decent distance away.

Thats it for now. More later.

- EC

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cross Clinic

Check it out. 1213 racing should represent.

- ec

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"we're back...."

With a nod to Youth of Today, my left leg and the rest of my 32 year old body (hence the "we" in "we're back) are ready to go. Clearance from my doc yesterday and starting work again tomorrow in the AM.

Training for cross season to start soon.

- ec

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm back...

...and completely out of shape. I've been riding my track bike around and therefore haven't put in any real miles in awhile. Send me suggestions for good rides will ya? I need to get my legs back.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

cross bike for this season....

2008 Fuji Cross Pro

It wasnt exactly what I was looking for, but it actually fit me, is less than a year old, barely ridden, never raced, and was more than half off the MSRP. Almost a third of what I was going to pay for the Salsa, even with my discount at my friends shop.

I'll switch out the wheels, probably a new fork, and make necessary fit adjustments. Ready to race come August.

- ec