Sunday, October 11, 2009


Fun race this weekend. Loved the course, super fast. Got off to my best start of the season, was in the top 15 or 20 at the beginning of the race. Then I squandered that great start when I threw my chain in the first third of the first lap. Watching half the field pass me from the sidelines was pretty demoralizing. I made up some spots and rode the last lap pretty hard. Got close to catching a pretty big group but just couldn't do it before the finish line...should have gone harder earlier. Finished 25 of 66(6) in the end. Another satisfying week. Other highlights: beer garden, heckling Chris by the sand pit and making him crash, hanging with my mom. Great way to spend a Sunday. Big ups to Scratch and Mouse and the rest of Route 1/Arrow for putting on a great race. Already looking forward to next year.

-Evil Fred

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