Monday, September 21, 2009

cross season is upon us

I've been waiting for this time of year since January, and here it is, cyclocross season. 1213 had a busy weekend hitting Nittany and Charm City. I have a write up about my races here, but long story short I always crash in the last lap, I rolled two inches of my tubular yesterday, finished 39th/75 on Saturday and 40th/125 on Sunday in the 2/3/4 race and am totally in love with the season.

Mouse and Evil Steve hit the C race and it was great to be there to heckle them and everyone else. EC looked furious riding, especially taking the barrier that was about half his size, and Evil Steve's biggest battle was against any food that his stomach that did not want to keep down thanks to a staff meeting at a bar the day prior.

Ed Sanders on Saturday, and then only another week or two before DK can join us.

i really hope I am not testing the threads of that skinsuit.

Also if you haven't signed up for the raffle at Ed Sanders, do it now. You have like a 1/300 chance of winning a $2000 bike.

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