Friday, June 5, 2009

fuji cross?

Above - Dave Wilcox from Boston, former Cap Hill Bikes wrench and all around kick ass person at DCCX last year. He rides a sweet Vanilla custom cross bike. I'm cheering in the background.

Anyone know anything about Fuji Cross bikes?

I am going to look at one tomorrow off craigslist. Its affordable - $500. But its old and worn. 105/ultegra mix with not so great wheels.

Think I would replace the fork and wheels and go from there.

I think its this bike:

This was the last year they made just one cross bike - by 06 they started doing the comp and pro, but this is just the Fuji Cross.

So, I could buy this and my special lady friends mom's Ti Litespeed and then save up for a nicer cross bike for 2010...

- ec

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  1. its all about the fit. especially how unhappy you were last year with your soma, youve got a few months to figure it out this time around...