Tuesday, June 16, 2009

at home on a tuesday afternoon

Second day off the bike this week, which means I cant work, which means I dont make money. This is a problem.

See, I played my regular soccer game Sunday but only 8 people showed up for the game at 2:15. 8 v 11 means that I ran a lot and strained my left calf. One of our guys hurt his already f'ed up left shoulder and had to stop. Our league only allows you to field a team with 8 or more people. We only played about 70 minutes.

My old team needed some reinforcements (so I thought) at a 5 pm game at the soccerplex. Nicer fields plus a chance to see some guys I hadnt seen in a while plus maybe I could help for 10/15 minutes giving the other guys a break. Well, only 11 showed, so it was a full 90 minutes for me with a bad left calf.

Sunday night was brutal and I took monday off. Tuesday morning felt better, and I can ride. But walking and all the mounting and dismounting as a messenger felt awful on the calf. So, after morning pouch work, it was back home. Where I am now. Just me and William Rocket, our house cat.

I like days off but days off where I cant walk around or ride are pretty useless. Time for bills and job searching.

- ec

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