Saturday, May 30, 2009

thanks for the input + more on short people

Pretty sure I am going with the Con Crosso. Just need to figure out if I am going with the complete or just frame/fork and building it up.

Anywho - musical interlude -

Went for a short road ride in the park till about 8:30. Only got about 2 hours in but it was fast and I got to ride all the hills I want to get.

How did our 1213 comrades do today in PA and VA or wherever folks were racing? Updated needed.

Looks like Menchov in pink in Rome tomorrow.

- ec


  1. Rumor has it that the wheel set is "a little heavy" and while its best to build up with your own components, the complete is not all that bad. My plan is to buy the complete and if I like it and plan on racing more, I'll start swapping out for nicer parts. And this has been Menchov's race.

  2. After a night of literally no sleep for me, and next to none for Danny, we departed for Bethlehem, PA at 3:55 AM. During his race Danny broke away from the pack during the 4th lap and held his distance with 3 others for 14 laps. Finished in third place! Considering he forgot his water bottles in addition to not sleeping, he did damn well.

    Just heard word he finished 6th in Richmond! Good race weekend for the Kablowskinator!