Monday, May 25, 2009

1223 racing meets 1213 racing, plus my first blog post ever (on any blog)

the great thing about cross racing is that it requires very little patience. you warm up for a few minutes, go to the line and take off. not a lot of bs or posturing. just ride. have fun. probably crash or get really dirty or both.

i thought about this as i watched cc race at the rfk crit. i dont think i have the patience (or legs at this point) to race road. we'll see. maybe next season. cross season comes first.

btw, speaking of road racing, if you didnt see sastre's power move in the Giro this morning, roll on over to universal sports and watch. its great cause he's older than me and is about my size (5'4).

oh, and that's me on the right. cross my heart race in cp,md. feb 09. I didnt need the full tights. flatted last lap and pretty much shouldered the heavy Soma the rest of the way.

too many veg dogs and veg burgers at the cookout,
- ec aka the cheat

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  1. 1st paragraph illustrates why cx is perfect for elliot. also because theres no benefits to lying about stuff in cross.