Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So I've registered for my first CX race of the season. I'm racing the C race on Saturday and B race on Sunday at Charm City. My philosophy is that on Saturday the course will be fresh and everyone will be nervous so I have my best chance of doing well. Then on Sunday everyone will be feeling good and I will get my ass kicked, thus erasing any ego I can build up on Saturday while getting a serious workout. It should be a fun race overall. I did surprisingly well last year considering how much Jameson I drank the day before, how hungover I was and how much I threw up in the car on the way to Baltimore. Who knows how well I will do this year...

I'm also doing a super lame crit race in Bowie in a week and a half. I'm half terrified and half excited for it. I have no idea what to expect but it gives me something to focus on and it will be one road race under my belt. If I like it I will definitely do more road races next year.

Oh, and if I can get off my butt and go to College Park this weekend I will probably buy a Jake the Snake. The Jamis has had it with cross so I'm happy about upgrading this year.

That's it for now. I'm excited about the upcoming season. Who knows, maybe someone on 1213 will podium this year.

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