Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Cross Schedules

DK or I will post a fuller schedule, but here are the links to the basic schedules. We race in three separate series': MAC, MABRA, and VA CX.

There are two races to highlight on the calendar: DC CX and R1V Cross. We can ride to both of these races and they are very much on our home turf. DC CX is 10/25 at the Soldiers Home and R1V Cross is 10/11 out in Hyattsville/Bladensburg area.

MAC - Mid-Atlatic Cross:

10 race series spread out from NY to VA. The closest races for us in DC are Charm City Cross in Bmore on 9/20 and the Cross Classic in Reston, VA on 12/6. The Fair Hill and Delaware weekend will be great, but may clash with MABRA or VA Cx races.

MABRA - Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association:

This series is a bit more focused around MD and DC, with two races in VA. They have a basic race sched up, with 9 races including the championships in December. Urban Cross, DK's favorite, is race #6 and on 11/15.

VA CX - Virginia Cycling Association:

Nothing posted yet, but they tend to announce later in the year anyway. Usually a 7 or 8 race series. There is a race out in Winchester during the Apple Festival on 10/18, but unclear if it is a VA Cx race or not.

There are other series that are worth considering. The USGP of cyclocross is a 4 weekend event in 4 different locations, coming as close to DC as Mercer, NJ (central near Trenton) and Louisville, KY. But they conflict with local races and are a decent distance away.

Thats it for now. More later.

- EC

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  1. everyone keeps forgetting about Nationals in Bend, Oregon!

    Also the winter series in NC.

    Also the Singlespeed race in February, after everyone has stopped training and lost all their fitness.